Ride Information (old)

If you want to post a ride on the calendar, contact the NRVBA.  Send us a a brief description, the date of your event and your website URL, if any.  We are happy to list road, mountain and commuter cycling events within three hours of the New River Valley.

Recurring Rides

Most rides are organized through the mailing list, but big rides often go on the calendar and there are a number of recurring local rides that happen almost continually throughout the year.  For details, join the mailing list to see what the route is this week, check weather cancellations, etc.


  • Sunday Social Ride: a slow-paced (10-13 mph) social ride of 15 to 30 miles.  Most every Sunday at 2 PM from early spring to late fall.  Contact Jon Dubovsky.
  • Wednesday Social Ride: a slow-paced (10-13 mph) social ride of 15 to 25 miles.  Most every Wednesday at 5:30 PM from early spring to late fall.
  • Daybreak Ramble: an early-morning ride.
  • Wednesday Worlds: a fast ride run by Virginia Tech Cycling Team.  Wednesdays at 5:30 or 6:00 PM.  Coordinated through their listserv.

Mountain Bike

  • Thursday Pandapas Ride: run by the Virginia Tech Cycling Team.  Thursdays at 5:30 PM.  Coordinated through their listserv.

Leading Rides

Want to lead a ride?  It's easy!

  1. Post to the email list (preferably a couple days before the ride, but we've been known to post spur-of-the-moment rides):
    1. When are you starting?
    2. From where are you starting?
    3. How far will you go?
    4. About how fast / hard do you plan to go?
    5. Any useful information about the route that you think riders might want: Is there a monster hill on the route? Are there any stretches with gravel? Are there spots to refill water bottles if it's a long ride?  Etc.
  2. Print out the Ride Waiver Sheet; bring it to the start of the ride with a pen.  Fill out the top and sign your name as the first rider.
  3. Show up a few minutes early.  Have your fellow riders fill out and sign the waiver sheet.  Say hello and tell them the plan.  Make sure you're all expecting the same things.
  4. Ride and have fun!
  5. Repeat and take advantage of the Ride Leader Incentive program below.

Ride Leader Incentives

The NRVBA offers a number of incentives to members who regularly lead rides.  You can earn these benefits when you meet all of the following conditions.  If you:

  • are a NRVBA member
  • lead at least 12 rides during a rolling 12 month period
  • post your ride to the listserv at least 48 hours before the ride
  • have at least two people participate in the ride

Choose from:

  • Full registration for Mountains of Misery
  • $50 toward entry to any cycling event
  • $50 Downtown Merchants Gift Certificate/local merchant gift certificate
  • $50 Gift Card to a local bike shop
  • a club jersey may be selected (when available)