The New River Valley Bicycle Association (NRVBA) is an organization representing cyclists in Floyd, Giles, Montgomery and Pulaski counties and the City of Radford. The New River Valley Bicycling Association’s mission is to create a better community through and for bicycling.


This century has become a tradition for the New River Valley Bicycle Association since 1997 when a long time member initiated this ride for a casual outing to avoid campus traffic on Move In day for Virginia Tech. This ride has rapidly gained popularity as a fast, easy century for anyone who loves to ride bicycles. Many novice cyclists enjoy this century as their first, while advanced riders test their hammering ability to plug out 100 miles at a fast pace.


Registration for this year's Burke's Garden Century on August 23rd is now open at http://burkesgarden2014.eventbrite.com.

The event is $8 in advance, or $10 on the day of the ride.

Whether you’re a road rider, a mountain biker, a commuter or a recreational rider, you already know that the New River Valley offers cyclists some of the best riding in Virginia with scenic valleys, rolling hills, challenging climbs and low traffic. Our job is to make sure your communities are places where it is safe and enjoyable for everyone to bike. We also work to bring the bicycling community together, by keeping you posted on local resources, rides and events.

Today we have several hundred members, a 7-member Board of Directors, 300 annual volunteers and a long wish list of projects to tackle.  Help us grow by becoming a member today!