Recurring Rides

Recurring Rides

Most rides are organized through the mailing list, but big rides often go on the calendar and there are a number of recurring local rides that happen almost continually throughout the year.  For details, join the mailing list to see what the route is this week, check weather cancellations, etc.


  • Sunday Social Ride: a slow-paced (10-13 mph) social ride of 15 to 30 miles.  Most every Sunday at 2 PM from early spring to late fall.  Contact Jon Dubovsky.
  • Wednesday Social Ride: a slow-paced (10-13 mph) social ride of 15 to 25 miles.  Most every Wednesday at 5:30 PM from early spring to late fall.  Contact Geoff Knobl.
  • Daybreak Ramble: 6:15 AM Tuesday morning loop; 14 mph, give or take, with occasional regrouping; 20 miles of moderately hilly terrain at 1600 ft of climbing.  Contact Jim Kline.
  • Wednesday Worlds: a fast ride run by Virginia Tech Cycling Team.  Wednesdays at 5:30 or 6:00 PM.  Coordinated through their listserv.

Mountain Bike

  • Wednesday Pandapas Ride: led by Malcolm Laing.  Occasionally the ride moves to Mountain Lake, etc., so check the calendar for details.
  • Thursday Pandapas Ride: run by the Virginia Tech Cycling Team.  Thursdays at 5:30 PM.  Coordinated through their listserv.

Big Yearly Events

There are a number of favorite big rides that happen every year.  Some of these are run by the NRVBA and some are run by other groups or bike clubs.

  • Spring Up Wolf Creek - Road. Early May.  Sponsored by the Narrows Lions Club
  • Wilderness Road Ride - Road. Memorial Day weekend Saturday
  • Mountains of Misery - Road. Memorial Day weekend Sunday.  "A challenging bike ride for dedicated road cyclists through the heart of southwest Virginia. The annual timed event features century and double-metric century options - both ending in a tough, four-mile 12%–16% graded climb to the finish."
  • Artie Levin Memorial Century - Road. Late June.  Run by the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club.
  • Burke's Garden Century - Road. Century or metric century.  On move-in weekend at Virginia Tech.  Run by the NRVBA.  This is one of the easiest and prettiest centuries around and is a great excuse to get out of town during the business of VT move-in.  Includes a great lunch stop in the middle in Burke's Garden.
  • Tour de Wolf Creek - Road. Early October.  Sponsored by the Narrows Lions Club.
  • Tour de Bland - Road. Early October.  Routes from 5 km to 100 miles.
  • Rowdy Dawg - MTB. Late October.