Basic Information

Ground Rules

We want you to be safe and have fun. Here are the basic rules of our group rides. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Signing the standard club waiver form at the ride start is required. If you refuse, you will not be considered on the ride or covered by the club's insurance.

  2. Helmets are required.

  3. Headphones are prohibited.

  4. Aerobar use on a group ride is prohibited.

  5. Non-club members may participate on one club ride as a guest. After that, to participate on rides, you must become a club member for insurance reasons.

  6. We recommend carrying a personal ID, water, food, spare tube, pump/inflator, tools, and lights.

  7. Choose a Category that fits you. If unsure, go down one or two levels. Please read the ride description. If you are not able to ride the advertised pace or terrain, the leader will not be responsible for you. You may be dropped and left on your own.

  8. Be familiar with the route and/or carry a GPS, map, and/or cue sheet.

  9. Faster riders are expected to respect the advertised pace on slower rides.

  10. Our roads are not flat. If you are visiting from a flat area, ride with the category you're used to, and do not be discouraged by the seemingly slow pace posted.

  11. Rides depart from the designated starting location at the posted time. Please arrive early so you are ready to ride at that time.

  12. Rides are generally held if temperatures are above 40 degrees F (5 C) and there is no precipitation one hour before the departure time.

  13. Mountain bike rides may be cancelled due to trail conditions. Watch the email list for details.

  14. Contact the ride leader if you have any questions.

Ride safely.

Obey all traffic laws.

Stay under control.

Be courteous.