Leading a Ride

Want to lead a ride?  It's easy!

  1. Post to the email list (preferably a couple days before the ride, but we've been known to post spur-of-the-moment rides):

    1. Ride name: summarize what you’re doing.

    2. Is this ride one-time or recurring?

    3. Ride date and start time.

    4. From where are you starting?

    5. Ride category (speed and difficulty). See the standard categorizes that we and BRBC use.

    6. Ride distance.

    7. Terrain: flat, rolling hills, etc. Call out any big climbs.

    8. Ride description: a short summary of the route. Any useful information that you think riders might want: Are there any stretches with gravel? Are there spots to refill water bottles if it's a long ride? Etc.

    9. Map link (RideWithGps, etc.) if you have one.

    10. Your name. Folks can reply to your email if they have questions. If you want folks to be able to call or text you, you can post your phone number but it isn’t required.

    11. Example:"Subject: Sandy Ridge loop, 30 miles, 4 May at 9 AM
      Saturday 4 May, 9:00 AM.
      Leaving from the Blacksburg Rec Center, Patrick Henry Dr.
      Category C.
      30 miles.
      Rolling terrain with one climb.
      We’re going clockwise out Mt. Tabor Rd., right on Sandy Ridge, right on Catawba Rd, finish with the climb up Harding Rd.
      Led by Ed Hokanson, edh@email.com. Email me if you have any questions.”

  2. Print out the Ride Waiver Sheet; bring it to the start of the ride with a pen. Fill out the top and sign your name as the first rider.

  3. Show up a few minutes early. Have your fellow riders fill out and sign the waiver sheet. Riders must be wearing a helmet and must sign. Say hello and tell them the plan: make sure you're all expecting the same things.

  4. Ride and have fun!

  5. Repeat and take advantage of the Ride Leader Incentive program below.

If you have questions, please contact our Ride Coordinator.  We have a lot of well-practiced ride leaders who can help you out.

Ride Leader Incentives

The NRVBA offers a number of incentives to members who regularly lead rides.  You can earn these benefits when you meet all of the following conditions.  If you:

  • are an NRVBA member

  • post your ride to the listserv at least 48 hours before the ride

  • have at least two people participate in the ride

  • save your ride waiver sheets that people sign at the start of the ride (you’ll turn these into our ride coordinator for credit)

  • lead at least 5 or 8 rides during a calendar year (see below)

Choose one of the incentives

Lead 5 to 7 rides 

  • $25 Downtown Merchants Gift Certificate

  • $25 Gift Certificate to a local Bicycle Shop

  • $25 toward the entry of any organized ride

  • A pair of the new NRVBA socks, plus $15 toward one of the above

Lead 8 or more rides

  • $50 Downtown Merchants Gift Certificate

  • $50 Gift Certificate to a local Bicycle Shop

  • $50 toward the entry of any organized ride

  • A Club Jersey (when available)*

  • A pair of the new NRVBA socks, plus $40 toward one of the above

(*if you ordered the new club jersey this year, the club will reimburse you that cost.  Otherwise, club jerseys will only be available when a new design comes out.)

Also, the New NRVBA Socks are not available for purchase.  This is one of only 3 ways you can receive a pair of these socks (join the club as a Gold Member, participate in 3 PCTC trail work sessions, or lead rides).

Contact our ride coordinator once you've met the conditions above!

Ride Leader Guidelines

We refer you to the excellent Westchester Cycle Club’s Ride Leader Guidelines (used with their permission; for the original visit their club web site). Their guide isn’t a requirement, but it’s a good guide if you have any questions on how leading works, how to deal with common issues, etc.