The NRVBA maintains an email list for all cyclists in Radford and Floyd, Giles, Montgomery and Pulaski counties. This list is the best place to hear about rides, club events, and important regional issues, but you won't see what your fellow riders are posting until you sign up.

You can sign up by filling out the form below, visiting the email list page, or by emailing your name & email address to the NRVBA List Coordinator.

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Emails posted to the listserv should be limited to content directly related to the NRVBA’s mission to create a better community through and for bicycling. Consequently, the use of the listserv is subject to the following rules:


  1. The content of emails shall be limited to:
    1. NRVBA business as conducted by the Board
    2. cycling related activities (e.g., ride postings, requests/questions related to rides, bicycles & parts wanted/for sale/swaps);
    3. education (e.g., classes, newspaper articles on cycling related accidents, nutrition); and
    4. advocacy (e.g., announcements of meetings & requests for input on advocacy related issues such as bicycle facilities, alternative transportation, and trail maintenance).
  2. If someone posts a non-cycling related email, the Board will issue an email warning to the offending sender. If the warning is ignored, posting privileges will be revoked and the offending sender will not be able to post to the listserv for a probationary period.
  3. When replying to an email posted to the listserv, everyone shall maintain respect for other people’s opinions. If the tone of the reply or a series of exchanges is less than respectful, the Board will issue a warning to involved parties. If the warning is ignored, posting privileges for each offending member will be revoked for a probationary period.

If you have questions about whether something is appropriate to post to the listserv or not, please feel free to directly email one of the Board members with your question.