Cycling In the New River Valley - "In the late 90s’, a handful of local cyclists teamed up to create the original Cycling in the New River Valley Guidebook. Although the original document was completed nearly 20 years ago it’s still used on a regular basis today. In 2015, the New River Valley Bicycle Association partnered with the New River Valley Regional Commission to update the guide. This website provides the most current route descriptions, turn-by-turn instructions, and overhead maps for more than 30 road rides, 58 optional/alternate routes, and nearly a dozen off-road rides.


Dealing With Dogs

VBF Campaign

In July 2008, the Virginia Bicycle Federation announced an upcoming campaign, Dangerous Dogs, to inform bicyclists and dog owners of the dangers of dogs running loose.  It includes an article about the law pertaining to dangerous dogs and VBF’s recommendations on how to respond when you are injured as the result of actions by a dog, whether a bite or being knocked down.  It also includes information aimed at dog owners who allow their dogs to run loose.

Local Animal Control Offices

You may want to save these numbers in your phone for quick access.


When finding the best route to work, take into consideration traffic patterns and volume, location of bike lanes and trails, and topography. The safest route is not always the fastest route. You can use the following sources to help you identify possible routes. Remember, though, it’s always best to test your route out ahead of time and figure out how long you need to make the commute comfortably without rushing.

The Ride Solutions Interactive Bike Map includes both traditional and non-traditional bicycle accommodations in the Roanoke and New River Valleys, concentrating on those most useful for bicycle commuters. You can find bike lanes or suggestions for alternative routes, or you can better plan your route to take advantage of the streets and facilities with which you are most comfortable and best fit your skills as a rider. You can contribute info as well, so if you know where a bike rack is, find it’s longitude and latitude with and post it.