Ride Leader Guide

Ride Leader Guide

Short Version

  1. Read the Leading a Ride page for how to announce a ride, how to get the sign-up sheet, etc.

  2. Make sure everyone has a helmet, signs their name, and provides emergency contact info.

  3. Ask if anyone is new to your rides. Tell them what to expect and that you won’t let them get lost.

  4. Make sure everyone (more or less) knows the route you posted. If not, they need to stick with or behind you.

  5. Count how many people are there (including yourself). Remember that number so you can quickly see at regrouping spots if anyone is missing.

  6. Start riding. Be safe and set a good example.

  7. Lead from (more or less) the back of the group. Don’t worry about folks who jump out ahead of you — they’re responsible for themselves.

  8. If there’s someone you trust and knows the route, ask them to lead from further up towards the front.

  9. At turns, stop there and signpost for anyone far behind you.

These guidelines are for typical social or group C and D rides. Once you have experience, you may have to adapt them to faster rides with fewer stops.

Long Version

  1. “All WCC rides are open to everyone who is able and willing to participate safely and cooperatively. In your ride description, you can specify who a ride is primarily intended for, but you can’t specify who the ride isn’t for. This no-discrimination policy does not prevent you from asking a rider to leave a ride based on the rider’s abilities, equipment, or actions on that ride or previous rides.” (credit WCC)

  2. Ask if anyone is new to your rides. If anyone is, let them know how you’ll lead: if they’re in front of you, they’re responsible for knowing the way. If they’re behind you, you won’t let them get lost: you’ll pause at all turns and signpost for them so they know to turn.

  3. Ask if everyone knows (more or less) the route you posted. Folks who do need a lot less attention.

  4. Lead from (more or less) the back. People getting out ahead of you are on their own