3rd Annual Fix Fest and Bike Swap

Poster for 3rd Annual Fix FestIf the last time you rode a bike was when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were a couple, then it might be time to get back in the saddle! What you say? Your bike is hidden behind a stack of boxes and covered in a layer of dust? Well, you’re in luck! The Third Annual Fix Fest is scheduled for Saturday, April 28th in downtown Blacksburg. Bring that dusty bike over to 110 Draper Road (a few steps from the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market) where the Bike Barn and East Coasters will be on hand to tune up your bike for free. Biking is a great way to get around town (any town in the NRV), combining exercise with errands, and eventually supported recreational rides or bike commuting to work. How do you make physical activity a habit that will stick? A start is to set reasonable goals, build gradually, and keep your activity fun. The following are some easy ways you can incorporate physical activity into your daily routine:

  • Bike one daily trip for which you'd normally drive the car.
  • Get a cycling buddy or take a family ride after dinner.
  • Bike with a child to school or participate in a Walk to School Day event.
  • Ride through your neighborhood and rate it's "bikeability."
  • Keep a daily activity log. Estimate the mileage you biked or the minutes you spent doing something active.
  • Join a cycling club or form a cycling group with a regular schedule. There is encouragement in numbers.

So, get your bike out and get down to the Third Annual Fix Fest on Saturday April 28th. The event runs from 9 am until noon.

Bike Swap

On Saturday April 28th , from 9 am to 12 noon, The NRVBA is sponsoring The Bike Swap! to be held in Downtown Blacksburg on Roanoke Street across from the Farmer's Market (in the parking lot behind The National Bank of Blacksburg, between the bank and the 7-11 convenience store).

Poster for NRVBA Bike SwapThis is an event in which anyone may sell, buy, trade , or barter gently used bicycle-related items. (Sort of like a community yard sale for anything bike-related). Items can include bikes, components, accessories, apparel, car racks,etc! Anything to do with roadbikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes, recreational bikes goes.

If YOU would like to SELL items, refer to the Bike Swap Frequently Asked Questions for details. If you only one or two items to sell, you still can participate!

If YOU want to browse, barter, exchange, or BUY please stop by on the morning of the 28th! The Bike Swap! is a great opportunity to clear your closet of unused cycling gear, and/or find some needed cycling gear.

So come on out for this CYCLING EXTRAVAGANZA!!

Download the NRVBA Bike Swap Poster.