2011 Regional Bikeway-Walkway-Blueway Plan

Planning Efforts Over the last year, the New River Valley Planning District Commission (“PDC”) met with member jurisdictions to update and revise the 2000 Regional Bikeway, Walkway, Blueway Plan. The updated plan includes information on existing recreational opportunities and future planned projects. The electronic version of the plan contains nice interactive features on the associated maps.

Draft Plan Review

The PDC has created a web page for the Draft 2011 Bikeway, Walkway, Blueway Plan. If you have a moment, the NRVBA encourages you to visit the site located here:

Things that you can do to assist the PDC with finalizing the plan include: 1. Review the 2011 Draft Plan by chapter or as a whole 2. Review each Area’s Plan: hotlinks provided across the bottom for the Floyd Area, Giles Area, Montgomery Area, Pulaski Area, and the Radford Area. 3. Visit the Interactive Map: hotlink provided on the lower left edge; explore existing facilities and access points for different facilities in the NRV. 4. Provide comments on the materials or site 5. Revisit the 2000 Plan

Things to come include: local endorsements (including an endorsement by the NRVBA and its members), and helpful resources for planning and design. This is a work-in-progress, so any feedback that you have will be very valuable to help the PDC make improvements to the overall plan.

The important thing to remember is that the plan is still under review by local governments (most are still receiving hard copies). Because of this, the Hierarchical priorities may change based on additional review. Also, the Regional section is not complete. The PDC is asking for input on how to define specific regional projects or criteria that could be used to support regional efforts.

The PDC hopes that you will find the site very useful and looks forward to your feedback.

Where to send the feedback

Please submit your comments on the draft regional plan to Beth Lohman ( where the comments will be compiled into one document and submitted to the PDC.