Burkes Garden Thank Yous

The NRVBA would like to thank all the volunteers and riders who made the 2011 Burkes Garden Century & Metric Century Ride a safe and successful event. The weather even cooperated to keep us dry and provide one of the most beautiful days (following weeks of scorching weather) for the event.

Specifically, we'd like to thank:

  • The train coming back from Burkes Garden (Photo by: Mark Zhu)

    Laurie Hudgins, Registration Coordinator

  • Curt Nuenighoff, Registration & Pre-ride Arrangements
  • Everett Peterson, Registration
  • Lee Matthis, Registration
  • Liz Hokanson, Rocky Gap Registration
  • Emmy Bender, Rocky Gap Registration
  • Beth Kipp, Online Registration
  • Geoff Saunders, Pre-ride Arrangments
  • Jennifer Hendrix, SAG
  • Tom Martin, SAG
  • Ed Hokanson, Signage & Parking
  • Dale Kipp, SAG and Signage Coordinator

When you see these folks out and about in the community, be sure to thank them for their efforts in hosting this long-time favorite ride.